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Have you ever been intimidated when ordering wine at dinner? Not really sure what you’re doing when the waiter let’s you “test” the wine first? Are you supposed to chill red wine? What’s the difference between a $6 bottle of wine vs. a $30 bottle of wine? Cap vs. cork? Are old wines better just because they’re old?

In today’s discussion with Drew Lambert, co-host of the famous “Wine Wankers” site and social media, I get to ask all these dumb questions and more. All you need to do is sit back, absorb the knowledge and up your wine game!

And if all that isn’t enough incentive to listen to the podcast, Drew also shares some secrets like how to make a $10 bottle of wine taste like a $20 bottle of wine.

Part of being Manceptional is being able to confidently navigate any situation you find yourself in. Whether it’s dinner out for business or with female company, you need to know how to handle the wine like a boss.


024: Jim Cruzen—Man up and Dance!


Guys, you have to listen to this episode with Jim Cruzen, it was enlightening. We discuss what the core essence of being a man is. So whether you’re a Type A Macho guy or a Type B with more emotional or intuitive traits—good news is…you’re a man!

Jim is a coach, thinker, dancer, empath and seeker of truth, and went through a lifelong journey coming to grips with incorporating his empathetic intuitive side into understanding and owning his manhood.

Oddly enough it was partially through his life as a partner dance professional and teacher that led him to not only resolve his identity as a man in todays world, but able to understand relationship dynamics between a man’s masculine energy and a women’s feminine energy.

In the quest to be Manceptional, enjoy and learn!

023: Amy Giladi—On Intimacy, Masculine Energy and Sexless Marriage


Intimacy can be a deep and complicated thing. Sex is important but is just one part of the big picture.

In today’s conversation we speak with Amy Giladi, relationship coach and psycho-sexology therapist to discuss these topics.

We learn about the things that can cause problems with intimacy and how Amy goes about identifying and fixing those issues.

We also discussed masculine energy and how to use it, and how Amy is leveraging her many years of experience to put together some online courses to help people through these issues.

Listen up and take notes!

Listen on kenarciga.com/manceptional

022: GIRL TALK—Francesca Shares Her Turns-Ons and Turn-Offs With Men


Today we speak with Francesca, an attractive, single and successful interior designer in her forties.

We cover a broad spectrum of topics in the conversation and even go through a dating scenario from first date to how that might progress to lead to sex and a relationship.

Here are some other juicy bits we discuss:

  • Sex on vacation
  • How fast she knows if there is a shot that something could happen with a man
  • 7 Qualities of a man
  • One of the most important factors in a relationship
  • The dreaded Friend Zone and if you can get out of it
  • And many more…

Get the straight scoop from a woman’s mouth to your ear. Enjoy!

021: Lee Andrews—Gaining The “Players Advantage” in Entrepreneurship and Life


For you entrepreneurs out there, Lee Andrews has put in his time with a strong work ethic since his teens, at one point working 2 jobs and consulting while working on his MBA. He built a full-scale craps table in his living room and rolled 10’s of thousands of dice to gain a “players edge” which resulted in him winning $70k and getting kicked out of Harrahs in Vegas! But he’s also overcome a lot of bumps in the road both personally and professionally, and shares great strategies and tactics he’s learned along the way that we can use to help execute on our projects.

Some highlights of what he’s learned:

  • Go Deep—learning how things work at a deep level can give you a business and life advantage
  • Networking—interact and surround yourself with quality people, it can lead to success
  • Team—you can’t do it alone, but the wrong team will sink you. The right team can create success.
  • Time Efficiency—ruthlessly cut out time wasters and inefficiency to maximize your time

Take a listen and execute in your own life. Get Manceptional!

Links to Lee’s companies:
LionCura, wholesale and soon to be retail CBD products (new site launching soon)

Hollywood security (new site launching 7/16/18)

020: Sensei Ando—Happy Life With Martial Arts


Today we speak with “Sensei Ando” Mierzwa, a popular martial arts instructor who has built a large following and millions of views on YouTube. You can go to his website happylifemartialarts.com where you can check out his podcast and YouTube videos.

We discussed many topics including his fixation on pie, but we got into some deep conversation. We learned how martial arts was a rude awakening that ultimately led him to his current path, why martial arts is so crucial for today’s society, lessons on starting projects and fine-tuning with feedback, and thoughts on pre-judging people and situations. It was a great conversation that you’ll get a lot out of.

Sauerkraut (just checking if you’re reading this : ). Listen to the podcast and you’ll know what this means.

019: Cash In, Crash Out. Finding the success process with Jack Czer


If you were 29 years old and just sold a company you built for a large sum of money so that you were all set—would you then let it all go because you weren’t sure you could make it back again if you lost it all?

Well, that is exactly what our guest Jack Czer did. He was so consumed with understanding the process of success that he didn’t want the money he had, so he let it go and started over again this time trying to figure out the process. This led him to his consulting business and coaching people how to do the same for themselves!


018: How To Find Your Path With Energy Healer Raymond Salas


In this podcast we speak with Energy Healer Raymond Salas. We learn how Raymond went from a corporate job at an internet startup to becoming an Energy Healer through a previous chance meeting with Vietnamese healers while working at a non-profit in the back of a kitchen.

We learn a bit about how he does energy healing both in person and remotely, and get insights on how to find what it is you truly want out of life and how to find the path that brings you there!

Get manceptional!


017: 5th Element – How To Make Good S**t Happen w/ Dr. Jeff Wilde


In today’s podcast I discuss with Dr. Jeff a methodology that stemmed from a discussion about how to make goals happen. What resulted is a framework that Dr. Jeff coined the 5th Element – “How to make good s**t happen!

The concept pulls together 5 different elements into an actionable strategy with your mind, body, emotions and actions to give you a greater chance of success. Each on it’s own have been proven positive, but adding the 5th element can take you to a whole other level!

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

To your focused actions,


016: Sex, Dating and Life Change with The Omega Man Spencer Burnett

WARNING: Contains some graphic discussion of a sexual nature

Today we speak with Spencer Burnett, a long time coach in the world of sex and dating. We’re going to discuss his journey from childhood, and yes talk about these subjects and reveal some secrets about women that men have paid THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to learn!

But the conversation was much larger than that. We learned how at an early age he discovered insights in harnessing the mind that allowed himself to overcome some medical and dyslexia issues, and how these insights became not only the basis for solving the mysteries of dating women, but helped him invent his own thought process called Precise Language that he believes can change the world!

Join us in this fascinating and fun discussion.

The Omega Man is Spencer Burnett’s newest one-on-one coaching program which incorporates everything he has learned in one place to get you BEYOND the Alpha Male. You will not only master dating women, but master yourself and your life. (For transparency I may receive compensation for referring you to his program).

For more information fill out The Omega Man Application here:

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