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035 MBR: “Blitzscaling” by Reid Hoffman


MINI-BOOK-REVIEW: First in a series of mini-book reviews where I go over the highlights of books I think will be useful in advancing our skills and mindset.

Today I discuss the main highlights from Reid Hoffman’s book “Blitzscaling.” Reid Hoffman is a billionaire, was the founder and CEO of LInkedIn, is a partner at the famous Greylock Partners in Silicon Valley and has been involved on boards and as an investor in many other famous internet companies like PayPal, AirBnB, Zynga and others, and of course an author. In other words he knows what he’s talking about.

You will be very surprised by some of the advice which seems to go against how you think you should approach starting and growing a business. Some counterintuitive highlights:

  • Ignore angry customers
  • Let fires burn
  • You should be embarrassed by your first “MVP” – minimum viable product

If you’re thinking about starting up your own app or web service, starting any kind of business, or just curious why you wake up one morning and there are 25 scooters from 5 different brands laying all over the sidewalk—then you should find the tips in this mini-book review useful!

The last couple of years I was building my own app/web service, wish I had followed this advice!


034: Invincible with Spencer Burnett


Spencer Burnett is a Life and Relationship coach. Through his many years of practice and inspired insight, he has built a power framework to empower people to operate their life and create what they want, which he calls the “Invincible” framework.
In this podcast Spencer describes the framework and goes through some examples to illustrate how it works.

You may have heard bits and pieces of what Spencer describes, but not put together in one place in a way you can execute step by step.

If you’re looking to put some focus in your life and create the outcomes you’re looking for, you owe yourself a listen!


To learn more about the Invincible framework and program, go to Spencer’s website: www.invincibleimmersion.com
Follow on Instagram: @spencerburnett

033: Dating after Divorce with Spencer Burnett


40%-50% of marriages end in divorce these days, not to mention men who have had long-term relationships end—that’s a LOT of men who have suffered emotional damage. And a lot of men who are now faced with the prospects of dating again.

Today we speak for a second time with Spencer Burnett, Life & Dating coach. Spencer gives some clarity on how to get yourself out of the rut and first steps to repair yourself. But even if you get yourself back to a ready state, if you’ve been out for a while the game has changed and you need to get up to speed on how to navigate.

Gentleman, the good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are some actual physical and mental steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start moving forward.

If you like what you hear you can follow up with Spencer directly and take advantage of his FREE Live training calls to help get back in the saddle. 

Stay strong guys.


Get back in the game with Spencer [for disclosure I have no financial incentives]

Live Training or Strategy session info can be found on the Website: http://omegamancoaching.com

Instagram: @spencerburnett

032: Don’t Suck, Metal Up! Motivation with CJ Ortiz

“In whatever you do, don’t suck! Metal up!”

Today I speak with CJ Ortiz, aka “The Metal Motivator.” Life coach, motivational speaker, deep thinker—bombs of wisdom delivered with a Metal Attitude!

What you’re going to hear in this podcast are insights on topics like finding your purpose in life, relationships, your place in the world as a man, the importance of diet, and many other topics.

What was really cool and refreshing is CJ is his own man, working on his principles of absolute truth, so you’re going to hear things you won’t hear from the usual self-help gurus, and you’ll get different takes on things you probably never thought of—but it all makes simple sense when CJ explains it.

So buckle up, don’t suck, and METAL UP!

How to follow CJ:
Instagram: @metalmotivator
Website: http://metalmotivation.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalmotivation/

031: Celluvate—“The Fountain (powder) of Youth” with Ron Waddy & Dr. Charles Hensley


“60 is the new 20” may be the new motto if Ron Waddy & Dr. Charles Hensley have a say in it with their upcoming product release of “Celluvate,” an all natural powder that works on Telomeres, Mitochondria (the “battery pack” of your cels), Testosterone receptors and more. 

To date testers ranging from bodybuilders and Olympic track coaches to high-powered executives have reported increased muscle mass and strength, quicker recovery, overall energy, and feedback is starting to come in from people whose diabetic numbers are going down—enough for some to not need their medication!

Oh, and apparently it works wonders for the libido as well, you know, in case you have “a friend” who might be interested in that type of thing : )

That’s a lot to grasp, but perhaps the best testimony is one half of our dynamic duo—Ron Waddy is a 68-yr old Powerlifter who can still deadlift over 500lbs, and in person you could never guess his age.

The other half is none other than Dr. Charles Hensley himself—the inventor and producer of the pre-cold medicine ZICAM which you have probably heard of if not used, not to mention numerous other product patents under his belt.

This transformational product will be on the market soon but if you’re interested in fitness & health, listen in now to learn not only how these two met and created this product, what the product can do for you, and importantly what motivates them to become better versions of themselves. To become…Manceptional!

Website for the upcoming product is below for future reference. Keep checking back to pre-order. *For transparency I’m NOT an affiliate, I don’t make any money on this.



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030: Thirty-Years at Gold’s Gym with Karl List


Gold’s Gym is known as “The Mecca of Bodybuilding,” made famous by bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, pictures of whom still adorn the wall to this day among other champions.

Our guest today Karl List has been going to Gold’s Venice for almost 30-years, starting as a winning bodybuilder himself, and eventually morphing into a holistic personal trainer working out of his “office” in the same corner of the gym for over 20-years!

As with people who visit from all over the world, I also noticed Karl in the corner with his homemade training and therapeutic tools derived from gym equipment. By happenstance I had a friend who had worked with Karl in the past, and I subsequently met Karl and had him on the podcast today.

We spoke about many topics spanning from bodybuilding, his L.I.S.T. training system, how the body works, and about being a man.

People from around the world and athletes in the gym are continuously picking his brain—and you get access to him here as we discuss how Karl’s mental outlook, weightlifting experience and curiosity led him to where he is today—a man who has found his passion and expertise, who cares about helping people help themselves and who is pursuing his goal of being the best personal trainer he can be.

In turn he believes his unique training and therapeutic regimen with the tools he has developed at the gym will propagate and benefit the world.

In fitness and health,

You can find out more information about Karl here:

029: Power Yoga with Bryan Kest


Yoga is about hot bods, yoga pants and crazy poses isn’t it?

Well hang on to your hamstrings in this episode, as today we get some strong answers from Bryan Kest, one of the big names in the yoga industry who has been teaching Yoga around the world for almost 35 years. You could call him an expert.

Bryan breaks down what yoga is all about, from the physical side to the meditative side, but we get into a lot of areas, some frankly which might ruffle some feathers.

One sacred cow that Bryan takes on is today’s culture of hardcore fitness which is to push your body to extremes like in crossfit or weightlifting, basically any type of extreme exercise where you are trying to change your body.

This might piss off a lot of people who are pushing hard (which I somewhat do myself), but you can’t argue with the logic of Bryan’s basic premise which is “the harder you are on anything the faster you destroy it.” It applies to used cars. It can apply to relationships. And it applies directly to fitness.

If you are into fitness, wellness (they are not the same), and especially if you are trying to reduce stress in your life and get centered, then take a listen.

To find out more about Bryan Kest and yoga go to his site www.PowerYoga.com where you can also avail of streaming yoga classes.

The Manceptional podcast is available at the link in the bio, or on iTunes. If you enjoy the podcast I’d like to ask if you could leave a review on iTunes as that will help us reach a wider audience.


028: Pro-Rugby to The Bula Ball Method with Riaz Fredericks


Imagine cracking your back at 18, continuing to play a full career of international professional rugby, and living with near debilitating back and neck pain for 20 years!

Today’s guest Riaz Fredericks lived that life and when he could find no solace in conventional methods and was at the end of his rope (even after spinal surgery), a chance meeting and initial work with a trainer at the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice finally led him on a path to discover a way forward—and for himself and many others—a way to heal a broken body through what he calls “The Bula Ball Method.”

We also discuss other topics such as what it was like going from living such a masculine lifestyle at a professional rugby player to being a stay at home dad raising 3 kids.

If you are currently suffering back pain, had surgery, sit in a chair all day in front of a computer or even if you are athletic and in great shape, you can benefit from what Riaz has learned.

To find out more you can go directly to his website below to learn more and purchase the solution (I am not affiliated, I don’t make money from it).



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027: Real Key to Attracting Women with Celina Bond

Today I had a very interesting discussion with dating coach Celina Bond, but it wasn’t at all what I expected.

The setup sounds good and makes sense. Men have been trying to figure out how to get with women since DAY ONE, so why not get insight from a woman on the secret levers that will get us into the hearts (and pants) of the women we desire?

THE BAD NEWS—According to Celina, there aren’t any magic pickup lines or posturing you’re going to learn from “Pick-Up Artist” courses that are going to work, at least in the long term. And she knows, because a lot of her clients have been through all those courses.

THE GOOD NEWS—She knows what you need, but it’s going to take some work to understand masculine and feminine energy, and to get your MASCULINE CORE in order. And she has a one-on-one coaching program to help men get there.

We cover other interesting topics like why women post those sexy pictures on Instagram, how men and women communicate, the interplay between masculine and feminine energy and more.

Bottom line, attracting women is just a subset of the bigger game. Master the big game, get your masculine core together—and the women will follow.

After all, it works for James Bond doesn’t it?

Contact and follow Celina Bond:
Website: https://www.celinabond.com/
Instagram: @celinaeliz

026: Do The Clothes Make The Man? with Josh Kercher


Do the clothes make the man?

 Today we discuss that question and many others with Josh Kercher, founder of the clothing brand “Kercher.”

Like many of us, Josh had high expectations of himself when he was younger but didn’t have a plan or direction to focus his efforts on. One fateful day he walked into a car dealership for a job, cleaned up his act and noticed how successful people responded to him in a different manner simply by presenting himself in a new mode of dress.

And today he is providing not only bespoke (custom) tailored suits to likes of UFC Fighters like Anthony Smith, but is getting together his ready to wear line of luxury clothing.

We cover a range of topics including like how men can find their style, what it takes to get a business off the ground and his strategy to create a legacy in today’s saturated world of clothing.

Contact and Follow Josh Kercher:
Website: https://joshkercher.leadpages.co/fall-sale-countdown/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifestyledtv/
Instagram: @joshkercher

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